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澳洲蜂蜜萬用膏(護唇寶)Multibalm No-NB001


Australia Honey Multibalm
HK$ 238 /Box
有機活性蜂蜜修護膏(Mediactive 20+ Honey Multi-balm)如它的英文名字中Multi,是多功能護膚方案。有機+活性蜂蜜+修護……有機性蜂蜜護唇寶-萬用膏Multi-balm的原料採自澳洲大自然, 是澳洲低污染野生環境中生長的植物,是澳洲生產的本土產品。蜂蜜護唇寶-萬用膏只採用天然成分,不使用糖、人工香料、人工色素、礦物油、 十二烷基鈉。

由於產品所含成分是為了防止任何可能導致皮膚衰退的原因,因此防腐劑是不需要的。另外,人工色素對產品的有效性也沒有任何幫助。礦物油可能會誘發毛孔堵塞和痤瘡。由於我們拒絕使用這些非天然的原料,multi-balm對護唇, 治療痘痘, 修護等皮膚問題效果好。十二烷基鈉在護膚產業用來製造泡沫。Multi-balm作為直接塗於皮膚的產品,不需要這個非天然成分。而且,長期使用十二烷基鈉可能會刺激皮膚。

澳洲蜂蜜護唇寶-萬用膏Multi-balm可以修復, 保護皮膚與護唇,還可以鎖水滋潤皮膚,對各種肌膚問題可以起到自然修護作用。
保護, 修復, 護膚, 護唇, 鎮定和補水, 創傷導致的傷痕、傷口或疼痛, 座痤瘡, 痘痘, 極乾燥嘴唇, 曬傷, 燙傷, 補水、滋養皮膚, 瘙癢、乾裂皮膚,破損皮膚, 鼻炎, 預防及治療, 並呵護表皮, 呵護手指甲, 腳趾甲, 保濕 眼周邊, 濕疹, 嬰兒濕疹, 剃鬚引起的皮疹, 防止皮膚老化, 皮膚炎, 妝前護膚, 乾裂或破裂的腳部皮膚, 礫石皮疹等皮膚炎症, 牛皮癬, 皮疹, 給皮膚的夜間睡眠護理!

Mediactive® Active 20+ Multi-balm is a versatile skin care solution for chapped, dry or broken skin on the lips, face and body. Multi-balm is suitable for use on all kinds of skin types and all skin conditions of all ages including children.The 20+ Multi Balm signature contains super high antioxidants, natural nutrients and antibacterial properties to protect, hydrate and soothe the skin.The 20+Multi Balm deeply moisturizes, hydrates the skin and gives mature skin the suppleness it requires, helping to prevent the signs of wrinkles. Nourishing balm keeps your skin feeling soft, supple, and smooth to the touch.

Mediactive® Active 20+ Honey is Antibacterial Australian Honey registered on ARTG, which is in rare and short supply because of diminishing forest reserves, unpredictable climate and wildfires. It can be used to hydrate and moisten skin that has become dry and chapped from abuse of the elements, to promote elasticity and for long lasting protection.

Recommended for Face, Lip and dry, chapped skin, Cuts & Minor Open Wounds, Nappy Rash & chafing, Eczema, Dermatitis, Inset Bites, Sunburn, Allergy, Splinters & Thorns

How to apply: Apply delicately on the skin after cleansing. Suitable for all skin types and all ages.Be careful of bee allergy. Test prior to use. In the unlikely event of a negative reaction, consult your medical practitioner.
Note: As honey is an organic compound, some natural separation may occur which is not indicative of damage to the product.Store below 25℃.

Tips: In the evening – Sleep with the multi-balm applied on the face or wash away before sleep. Your face will be energized and softened in the morning, ready for glowing make up result.
Details - Net Wt. 20g

Mediactive ® 20+ Honey 30%, aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice powder, Chamomila recutita (chamomile) flower extract, Aloe Vera, RoseHip Seed Oil, Olea europaea (olive) leaf extract, Adenosine, White petrolatum, Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), Carica papaya fruit (pawpaw) extract.